As a modern student, conducting research is now easier than ever before. While previous generations of students had to frequent their school libraries late at night, hoping to find an attendant nearby when they were struggling to understand the Dewey decimal system, students today can just get online.
The internet offers a treasure trove of opportunities for students who are trying to conduct academic research. Finding academic journals published in scientific studies is easier for students today with the internet. The same journals which offer physical publications also offer the same content online. So those students who pay for access or who are lucky enough to have access memberships through their schools can find the same content from the comfort of their computers. Students do not need to head to the library late at night to find one more piece of evidence to support their theory. Instead, they just get online and type in the keywords.

Keywords have also made research significantly easier. In a physical library, things were not sorted by section. At best, the scientific literature was in the same area, but that still meant scouring through them in hopes of finding a publication or article related to the topic. Now, students get the opportunity to just type in the keywords related to their theory or field of study, then scan through a list of abstracts in order to find a study related to the literature review, or related to the background. Keywords also help to refine a search for results more applicable to the niche or aspect of a topic you want to know more about.

Never before has such information been readily available. When students need to find physical books and passages therein for literature papers, essays, and the like, they do not even need to spend the same amount of money on physical books just for one paper. The bulk of academic costs for books often came when students needed a single book once, for one paper or one test. Now, students are able to go to the internet to find those books online, in an online pdf or otherwise formatted version. Reading for the sake of a single paper can be done from the same computer used to type the paper. Highlights can be made digitally within the text, notations added for text that later will be written or cited into the essay.

Finally, at the end of the day, students are able to make the most of these internet sources by crafting a digital bibliography automatically in most cases. When reviewing sources from Google scholar, for example, students need only hit the citation button to find a list of citations for the source in question, in a variety of citation formats. This means students can just copy and paste the source directly onto a typed document and have the list alphabetized automatically. The majority of the hard work is done thanks to the newest inventions of the internet.